Book Club in Florence

The book club will meet on October 19th at 1:00 p.m. in the Founders Room of the Doctors Bruce and Lee Foundation Library. We will be discussing Capitol Steps and Missteps: The Wild, Improbable Ride of Congressman John Jenrette by John F. Clark. Any and all are invited to participate.

When congressional aide John F. Clark met his future boss, South Carolina Congressman John Jenrette, in 1975, he was awestruck. Jenrette seemed to be everything Clark was looking for in a leader. With intense charisma and uncanny political instincts, Jenrette seemed poised to lead a New South and destroy the common stereotype of white southerners as narrow-minded racists. He was perceived by many, including House Speaker Tip O’Neill, as destined for greatness.

Jenrette may have been a political success story, but his personal failings were too big and too politically precarious to hide. Capitol Steps and Missteps gives you a front-row seat to Jenrette’s eventual fall from power and the political scandal that set it all into motion. Jenrette was entrapped by the FBI in the Abscam sting operation and lost his congressional seat. Wife Rita fueled flames by posing nude in Playboy, revealing a sexual tryst on the Capitol steps, and ridiculing South Carolinians and Washingtonians. The couple’s split played out as a public soap opera. Jenrette’s career seemed ruined, but he still had a chance for redemption…