Macmillan Boycott

Last month, Macmillan Publishers implemented a new embargo on ebooks, limiting libraries of all sizes from buying more than one electronic copy of any Macmillan title for eight weeks after its release. This attempt to increase ebook sales comes at the direct expense of the millions of South Carolinians who rely on public libraries to provide equal access to the information they need to further their personal, educational, and professional goals.

Effective immediately, the Florence County Library System (FCLS) is temporarily ceasing purchase of all materials from Macmillan and its imprints, including ebooks, e-audiobooks, and print materials. This boycott will last for at least twelve weeks or until Macmillan reverses its new anti-library business practices.

Macmillan’s decision directly opposes FCLS’ mission, which is to provide materials to all Florence County citizens in support of their educational, cultural, recreational, and professional needs. Macmillan’s action makes it impossible for libraries to provide free and equitable access to certain materials. FCLS is joined in this boycott by the American Library Association, the South Carolina Association of Public Library Administrators, the South Carolina State Library, and a majority of public library systems within South Carolina.

For more information about the Macmillan boycott, visit Macmillan may be emailed directly at