Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
Florence County Library System
Approved by the Board of Trustees September 11, 2023

1. Purpose
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to create an environment that is safe, comfortable, and welcoming for all users and library staff in support of the library’s mission. This policy applies to all library locations, including the Bookmobile, and provides examples of prohibited behaviors but should not be considered an exhaustive list.

2. Illegal activities
Library patrons may not participate in any activities that are illegal or jeopardize the safety of other library patrons and staff, including:
2.1 Loitering on library grounds; refusing to leave the library when asked or at the time of closing
2.2 Possession of weapons of any kind, including concealed and/or concealable weapons
2.3 Consumption, possession, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
2.4 Any form of sexual activity including the abuse or harassment of others, exhibitionism, or indecent exposure
2.5 Bringing animals into the library, with the exception of ADA-approved service dogs
2.6 Consumption of any tobacco product, including use of any e-cigarettes or vaporizers, in the building or on library grounds

3. Disturbing patrons and staff
Library patrons may not engage in any activity that limits other patrons’ ability to use the library or staff’s ability to work, including:
3.1 Violation of the library’s dress code, which requires patrons to be fully clothed and wearing shoes
3.2 Smells or odors which constitute a nuisance or interfere with others’ ability to use the library
3.3 Loud or disruptive talking, including conversations on personal cell phones
3.4 Disorderly conduct, including fighting or running
3.5 Sleeping in the library; bringing items such as luggage or bedrolls into the library
3.6 Any interference with the free movement of other patrons or staff members, such as by blocking entrances, exits, aisles, pathways, or violating others’ personal space
3.7 Harassment or invasion of the privacy of library staff or patrons, including sexist, offensive, or otherwise offensive language toward library staff
3.8 Use of the library for child-care services, including leaving children unaccompanied as defined by the the Children’s Safety Policy, or any other violation of the Children’s Safety Policy
3.9 Any type of soliciting
3.10 Posting of flyers or distribution of other materials without the approval of the Library Director
3.11 Taking photographs or videos of library patrons or staff without their permission
3.12 Intentionally coughing, sneezing, spitting, etc., in the direction of library staff or other patron
3.13 Any other actions or behaviors that are disruptive or disturbing to others

4. Damaging equipment and facilities
Library patrons may not engage in any behavior that may damage library facilities, equipment, or materials, including:

4.1 Removal of library materials without following established checkout procedures; deliberate mutilation or destruction of library materials, equipment, or property
4.2 Bringing food and drink into the library, with the exception of baby bottles, toddler sippy cups, or refreshments for an approved meeting room event
4.3 Not complying with library guidelines for sanitation and cleanliness● Improper use of restrooms for bathing, loitering, or solicitations● Unauthorized, improper, or unsafe use of library parking areas; vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense
4.4 Use of skates, skateboards, scooters, or other personal items that may damage library property
4.5 Unauthorized use of library staff supplies and equipment, including non-public telephones
4.6 Unauthorized movement or rearrangement of library furniture or equipment

Enforcement and Due Process
Violation of any of the above rules and guidelines may result in removal from the building, restriction of library privileges, and/or notification of local police. Repeated or flagrant violations of the code of conduct, or immediate threats of harm or danger to library patrons or staff, may result in legal restrictions of access to the library, pursuant to South Carolina Code Section 16-11-625.