Code of Conduct


One of the goals of the Florence County Library System is to provide quality service to all of the citizens of the county in an environment that is safe and pleasant and conducive to learning, whether of a recreational or scholarly nature. Thus the following Code of Conduct has been adopted to ensure that the rights of all library users are protected and not abused in any manner. These rules and guidelines are applicable for the entire library system which includes the main library, each branch library, and the bookmobile.


1. Actions or behaviors which are disruptive, disturbing, or potentially harmful to others.
2. Loud conversations or other noise-producing activities which may be disturbing to other users, including the use of electronic or mechanical devices and obscene and/or abusive language. This includes personal cellular and digital telephones. You may use your personal telephones outside the library on the portico.
3. Disorderly conduct which includes fighting, running, challenging others to a fight or provoking violence in any manner.
4. The removal of equipment or materials from the library by not adhering to established checkout procedures and policies, or any other intentional acts to violate library policies and procedures.
5. The deliberate mutilation, destruction, or theft of library materials, equipment or property, or the possessions of library patrons and staff.
6. Repeated or excessive harassment or an invasion of the privacy of library staff or patrons.
7. Any form of sexual activity including the abuse or harassment of others, exhibitionism, or indecent exposure.
8. The consumption of any tobacco products or smoking devices such as e-cigarettes or vaporizers.
9. The bringing of food and drink items into the Library, or the consumption of food or drink unless as noted in the two (2) exceptions below.

a). Baby bottles and non-spill (“sippy”) cups are allowed for consumption of liquids by infants and toddlers, respectively.
b). Light refreshments may be transported to, and consumed in, a meeting room provided that prior approval has been granted by the Director for such refreshments to be served at a scheduled meeting.

10. The consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
11. Improper use of restrooms for things such as bathing, loitering, or solicitations.
12. Unauthorized or unscheduled group meetings in public or non-public areas of the library, including the meeting room.
13. The posting of materials for the purposes of surveys, solicitations, political campaigns, advertising, or selling without the authorization of the Library Director.
14. The use of the library for child-care services, including the non-accompaniment of children under the age of five by a responsible person for any length of time, and children of any age being left unattended for extended periods of time, or beyond the closing time of the library.
15. The refusal to leave the library at the designated time of closing.
16. Loitering.
17. The use of the library to sleep for extended periods of time, and bringing items such as luggage and bedrolls into the library.
18. Any type of interference with the free movement of other patrons or staff members (actual or potential) by bringing into the library items or materials that require excessive amounts of space, that are distractions, or that may cause physical harm or danger.
19. Unauthorized, improper, or unsafe use of the library’s parking areas; vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.
20. Animals in the library, with the exception of guide dogs, or those animals being used for library programs.
21. Activities or behaviors that are potentially harmful to library patrons and staff, or that can damage library facilities, property, or equipment such as wearing skates or using skateboards.
22. The unauthorized use of non-public telephones, equipment, and supplies designated for library staff use.
23. The possession of concealed and/or illegal weapons of any kind.
24. Any violation of the library’s dress code, which requires patrons to be fully clothed and wearing shoes.
25. Smells or odors which constitute a nuisance or interfere with others’ ability to use the library.

Violation of any of the above rules and guidelines may result in removal from the building, restriction of library privileges, and/or notification of local police. Repeated or flagrant violations of the code of conduct, or immediate threats of harm or danger to library patrons or staff, may result in legal restrictions of access to the library, pursuant to South Carolina Code Section 16-11-625.

November 3, 2014