Computer Use Policy

Florence County Library System Internet Policy

The mission of the Florence County Library is to provide materials and service to all citizens of Florence County and help them obtain information and materials to meet personal, educational, and professional needs. The Internet is an electronic tool for assisting in this mission. The library encourages public use of the Internet for personal, educational, professional and recreational needs.

The Library offers Internet / World Wide Web access to library patrons. Some information may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive to some individuals. The Library is not responsible for Internet content. Parents or legal guardians assume responsibility for deciding which resources are appropriate for their children.


  1. Persons using Internet computers in the library must click to agree to the Internet policy before using the Internet.
  2. Users must have a library card issued by the Florence County Library and be prepared to present it to staff when required. Some locations use a self serve electronic reservation system while others require patrons to show staff members their library cards. Patrons may only use their personal library card for Internet access. Limited guest access may be granted at the library’s discretion.
  3. Anyone using library computers must follow all library policy and all applicable laws. Anyone found to be in violation of this library policy or of any applicable law will be subject to the following penalties:
  4. 1st Violation: The patron will be given a verbal warning. A notation will be made on the patron’s account.
    2nd Violation: The patron may not use library Internet computer terminals for 1 month. A notation will be made on the patron’s account.
    3rd Violation: The patron may not use library Internet computer terminals for 6 months. A notation will be made on the patron’s account.
    4rd Violation: The patron is banned indefinitely from using library Internet computers until the library director gives his/her expressed permission for the banned patron to resume use. A notation will be made on the patron’s account.
    The library director may increase or decrease the length of any penalty at his/her discretion.
  5. Parents or Legal Guardians of users age 13 and under must sign a parental permission agreement. Under normal operating conditions, children aged thirteen and under must use the designated Internet computers located in the children’s section of the library, and thus may be governed by additional policies and restrictions. Adults and children age 14 and above are expected to use the computers in the adult computer area.
  6. The Internet computers and connected printers are managed by an electronic reservation system, and by staff persons on duty in order to fairly ensure access to library resources for all library patrons. This may result in limited use of computers, and in various charges for specific services such as printing.
  7. In accordance with the South Carolina State Law on filtering (FY 02 APPROPRIATIONS ACT – Filtering PROVISO 72.95), and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), all public Internet computers provided by the Florence County Library System are equipped with filtering software to prevent the viewing of pornographic material. Anyone who instructs or demonstrates to another person on how to bypass the web-filtering technology on any library computer will forfeit all future rights to use any computer within the Florence County Library System. This policy is effective June, 2001, and revised June 2004.
  8. The Library will provide access to websites that have been blocked as follows:
  9. (A)Should an adult patron (18 yrs. or older) desire to access a website that has been blocked by the filtering software, he or she can request that the filter be disabled. If the site appears to be in accord with the Library’s Internet Use Policy, a staff member will temporarily disable the filter to allow the adult patron access to the website for bona fide research or other lawful purpose.
    (B)Any patron may request that a website be unblocked or blocked; and, depending on whether or not the site appears to be in accord with the Library’s Internet Use Policy after being reviewed by designated staff, the site will be unblocked or blocked.
  10. Users may not download software, attach hardware or modify the computers in any way that effects the computers outside their allotted time of use, intrude on the privacy of other patrons or interfere in anyone else’s use of the library’s resources. Users may not permanently alter hardware or software on the computers.
  11. No more than two users may gather at one workstation. Whoever has used their library account to log into a computer is responsible for anyone using the computer under their account.
  12. The Library may restrict access to sites or classes of sites as necessary if excessive network utilization would impair the ability of the Library to provide Internet access to patrons.
  13. Internet access accounts are considered library accounts and bound by all the rules governing library accounts including the need to periodically update contact information and remove inactive accounts.
  14. The library provides use of computers and printers in support of a patron’s right to reproduce their own works as well as material in the public domain or under the fair use doctrine. The library reserves the right to restrict access to equipment used to violate Title 17 of the US Code when it becomes aware of the violation.
  15. All personally identifying information of patrons in the library including records of computer use and activity logs will be kept confidential, except upon court order.

Revised and adopted by the Florence County Library Board of Trustees

5 October 2009