Law Library Policy

Law Library Policy
Florence County Library System

Approved by the Board of Trustees May 6, 2019

The purpose of the Law Library policy is to maximize patron access to accurate information while complying with ethical principles and all applicable laws.

The Law Library, as established by Act 470 of the 112th Session of the South Carolina General Assembly, contains legal volumes available for patron usage within the Doctors Bruce and Lee Foundation Library.

In accordance with the South Carolina Code of Laws Section 40-5-310, with the exception of a person representing themselves in their own case, practicing law without a license is strictly prohibited, and is a felony, with a penalty of up to five years in prison and/or five a thousand dollar fine. Therefore no library staff member will be able to provide legal advice at any time.

This includes, but is not limited to, doing legal research for patrons, interpreting law or legal paperwork, informing patrons of which form to use and what to put in form boxes, or writing or changing forms to patrons’ specific needs.

User guidelines:
● Items in the Law Library collection are considered reference materials and cannot be checked out. Reference materials can be used within the library, copied, or scanned.
● Staff may provide guidance in how to use Law Library materials via indexes, suggesting related materials by subject matter, or directing patrons to reputable websites.
● Staff may assist by phone, mail, or email if patrons are unable to visit the library. Any such request for assistance will comply with this policy and any other applicable laws and library procedures. The library may charge an appropriate fee for printing, copying, or mailing any materials depending on the volume of the request.