Library Grounds Policy

Grounds Policy

Florence County Library System
Approved by the Board of Trustees July 12, 2021

The library grounds are available for use by non-profit community groups and organizations whose purposes are educational, cultural, or civic in nature, and providing that such use does not interfere with library functions.

Applications for use must be approved by the Florence County Library Board of Trustees and the Director of the Library. Exceptions may be made for events sponsored by the county which will assume responsibility for any liabilities.

The Library will not provide staff to assist in the handling of exhibits or any other materials needed by groups or individuals using library grounds.

The Library will not assume any responsibility for any damages or losses of groups’ or individuals’ personal property incurred while on library grounds. In addition, the sponsoring organizations, groups, or individuals must assume responsibility for any damages incurred to the library, its property, and grounds or injuries that are sustained in conjunction with the sponsored event.

Organizations requesting use of the grounds must coordinate all of their planning with the Florence County Risk Management Officer to ensure that they are in compliance with all county regulations and guidelines. The Library may verify that Risk Management’s requirements are met before issuing final approval.

Applications must be submitted in writing at least 45 days before the date of the scheduled event.

The Director of the Library will notify applicants in writing regarding the approval or denial of their requests.