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The Bookmobile Team is ready to roll.


The new Bookmobile vehicle is far more than just a newer engine; it is quite literally a Mobile Children’s Library, one that can safely reach greater ranges and provide fuller onsite access. And what exactly will it contain when it travels to various sites? Our three librarians have been working on this for the past year.

A rotating, monthly schedule needed to be organized to incorporate all of the Bookmobile’s new sites into the previous schedule. The Bookmobile generally requires two staffers to handle the visits which can last 30 – 40 minutes for kids to check out books and 30 – 40 minutes additionally if there is story time, too.  Kim Moore and Mikayla Preteroti, who drive and handle the onsite visits, note that wireless scanners and wheelchair access will add a good deal of saved time and greater access.

Teachers often ask the team to bring along books about topics the classes are currently discussing. Finding a book about something they have heard about really energizes the children. As the books are discovered, the kids get really engaged; they remember hearing a child calling out, “They have books on Hurricane Katrina!”, delighting both the librarians and the teacher.

Both Moore and Preteroti agreed, “The kids get so excited” when they get to go inside the bookmobile. First time visitors are amazed: “You mean I can TAKE this book back WITH me?!” So many books are checked out via bookmobile that only the Greenberg Children’s Library in Florence circulated more children’s books than did the former bookmobile during its last fully operational year. When the New Bookmobile gets into its complete route, it will be able to serve even more young readers.

Caleb Gainey says they established criteria for much of the newer materials and presentation aspects for the New Bookmobile by visiting other bookmobiles within the state. He stated that overall, the basic concepts for the service remained the same, with safety topping the requirements. For example, a simple backup camera, so familiar today, was not included in the old bookmobile but is a key safety element for the large vehicle that regularly visits schoolyards filled with children. In fact, Gainey, Moore, and Preteroti will have a full day’s training from the corporate crew who will deliver the new Bookmobile to the Library.


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