Recognition of Our Library Staff Accomplishments

The Friends celebrates our Library Staff.

 These dedicated folks never once said, “We just can’t do that this year.” Overcoming obstacles of disease and disruption with creativity and grace, the STAFF gave us new Virtual Programs and Services while maintaining excellence and safety.



  • Continued / Expanded Services
    • Virtual data bases access
    • Wi-Fi turned on 24/7 for access from the parking lot even when library is closed
    • E-Book circulation (increased by about 5000 to 26,130 books by October)


  • Safety:
    • Constant cleaning and re-cleaning of shelves, surfaces, and of returned books
    • Temperature checks at entrance
    • “Hold/ pick –up service” that even brought the books out to the front portico as the patrons arrived. [The number of print books checked out from the library between August and October totaled 150, 527—despite restricted hours of public access.]

THANK YOU, Florence Library Staff!