Teen Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

By Julie Vaught
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Contemporary Fiction

Pride by Ibi Zoboi

Ages: 15-18
In a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, Zuri Benitez, a Brooklyn native, is not happy when the Darcy family moves across the street.  She can’t stand one of the sons, Darius, but her sister Janae starts falling for the other brother.  She feels pulled in multiple directions by her four sisters, her ambitions, and first love.

Great retelling with a modern urban flair.  You do not need to know the original story to understand but those with previous knowledge will get some of the references.



Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Ages: 15-18
Ten friends decide to have a party and spend the weekend at an island house.  A storm arrives, forces them to stay in the house, and they lose contact with the outside world. A killer is on the loose and the guests start falling one by one.  Who is the killer?  Will anyone make it out alive?

A thriller that will keep you quickly flipping pages til the very end.  Many twists and turns keep the killer’s identity a secret so you never know what’s coming.



Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill

Ages: 13-18
Sloane Emily Jacobs is a figure skater.  Sloane Devon Jacobs is a hockey player.  When a luggage mix-up in Montreal forces them to meet, they come up with a plan to switch identities.  The other person’s life has to be better, right?

Cute romance for younger to older teens.  Each chapter rotates between the Sloanes, with their names at the top.  Great, fun, easy read.



The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

Ages: 13-18
Jessica is a track star who loses her leg in a car accident.  She feels her life is over as she tries to learn how to walk on her new prosthetic leg.  People look at her differently now and don’t know what to say to her.  When she meets Rosa, a girl with Cerebral Palsy, who will tutor her, she realizes that she was treating her the same way.  Throughout her therapy time, Jessica gets the motivation to run again, this time bringing Rosa with her.

Sweet story about overcoming obstacles and wanting to help others.  You will cheer for Jessica as she trains again and will love the friendship between her and Rosa.


Historical Fiction

Alex  & Eliza by Melissa de la Cruz

Ages: 13-18
Eliza Schuyler and her two sisters, Angelica and Peggy, are excited about the upcoming ball their parents are hosting.  They are high society in 1777 Albany, New York.  The night of the ball, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington’s right hand man, arrives with news for Mr. Schuyler.  Alex and Eliza meet and sparks fly.

Perfect for any Hamilton musical lovers.  The story covers some of the same material as the musical but also delves more into the family.  It is a work of fiction based on historical facts.  First book in a series.


Science Fiction/Fantasy

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James

Ages: 15-18
Romy has spent her life on the spaceship Infinity.  Her parents have died so now she is all alone on the ship, no one to talk to, and a long time to go on the mission.  Then one day she receives a message from J, who is on a ship that will meet up with the Infinity.  When they finally dock together, she finds out that J is not who he seems and his mission is no what she thought.

Good space novel with a sinister flair.  The mystery ramps up in the second half and you root for Romy to get through everything.



Every Day by David Levithan

Ages: 15-18
A wakes up in a different body each day, never knowing who it could be.  One day A inhabits Justin and meets Rhiannon.  After the day as Justin, A keeps trying to find Rhiannon, no matter what body he is in at the time.  He wants to be with her every day.

Great LGBTQ+ novel showing that love comes in all shapes and sizes.  It doesn’t matter who it is, just that you are loved.  Also, check out the movie based on this title.


Sensitive Subjects

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick (Audiobook)

Ages: 15-18
**Trigger Warnings**
Today is Leonard Peacock’s birthday.  Today is also the day that he has decided he is going to kill himself.  First, though, he is going to visit the only four people he cares about to say goodbye.

This book will tear your heart out.  You will find out slowly what makes him come to this decision but hope that each of his visits will talk him out of the decision.  There are a lot of sensitive subjects in this book but it is a wonderful read.