Workshop Files


Workshop Schedules

Workshop Schedule for Quick Start
Workshop Schedule for Office

General Files

Computer Vocabulary
Best Laptops of 2015 from CNet
Examples of Weak and Strong Passwords
The History of Microsoft Windows
How to Buy a Desktop PC from PC Magazine
How to Choose a Good Password
How to Organzie Your Job Search Information
Laptop Buying Guide from CNet
Morgan Stanley Cybersecurity and Fraud Protection
Parts of a Keyboard
So, You Want to See Some Strong Passwords?
System Requirements for Software and Drive Space
Why Haven’t You Organized Your Passwords?

Microsoft Word 2013 Practice Files

Word 2013 Workshop File
Word Quick Start
Alternatives of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Word 2013 Level 2 Practice Files

Word Letter for Mail Merge

Practice for Microsoft Word 2013 Level 2

Microsoft Excel 2013 Practice Files

Class Reunion Planning
Class Reunion Planning Using and Adding Multiple Sheets
Excel 2010 Menu to Ribbon Reference
Excel Quick Start
Workbook for Larger Spreadsheets for Printing and Layout
Practice Excel Spreadsheet for Workshop
Sample Workbook for Basics Project
Welcome to Excel

Microsoft Excel 2013 Level 2 Practice Files

Get Started with Formulas
PivotTable tutorial by Microsoft 2018
Practice Excel Level 2 for workshop
Practice Mail Merge
Workbook with Multiple Sheets and Formulas

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Practice Files

Bookstack Presentation Example
Example of Fall Workshops
Example of How to Use a Mouse
PowerPoint Quick Start

Internet Practice Forms

CareerPointMA – Online Job Application
ExperienceWorks Practice Online Application
Internet Terms for Beginners
Practice Job Application